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www.write-an-inmate.com - Where you can list your incarcerated Friends and Family for FREE - Free Inmate Penpal Listings - Male Inmates http://write-an-inmate.com/free-prisoner-penpal-listings/california-inmates/male-inmates.html Fri, 19 Jan 2018 05:07:42 -0700 Sigsiu Online Business Index 2 FeedCreator Christian book author of The Walls Talk seeks http://write-an-inmate.com/free-prisoner-penpal-listings/california-inmates/male-inmates/christian-book-author-of-the-walls-talk-seeks.html Incredible Christian man whom is also an author. Writes books and has an active blog (www.friendsofadrian.com . He is funny and would love someone local. Sun, 14 May 2017 13:48:55 -0700 Avid Reader Seeking Penpal http://write-an-inmate.com/free-prisoner-penpal-listings/california-inmates/male-inmates/avid-reader-seeking-penpal.html My nephew, Zac is an awesome guy that is interested in finding a penpal. He is funny, witty, smart and interesting. He loves to read about pretty much anything and everything. He loves the outdoors and everything about them. Zac likes to learn all he can about hunting, fishing, hiking, kayaking, backpacking and camping. He is especially interested in the Pacific Northwest and all the interesting places there. Zac also loves to write stories and is quite talented! He loves watching football, basketball and baseball. He is an avid Seahawks fan...Go Hawks! He was in the Marine Corp. California is not his home state, but he was incarcerated while stationed there and has not been able to make it home. He has not been sentenced and is awaiting trial. Zac is looking for a lady to correspond with that shares his interests and that he can have intelligent and thoughtful conversation with. Sense of humor is a plus! If you can include a picture of yourself so he can put a face to your name that would be great! I am adding a picture of Zac, but it is from boot camp graduation and he now has a very long beard! Sun, 14 May 2017 13:43:17 -0700 Mikey Aleman http://write-an-inmate.com/free-prisoner-penpal-listings/california-inmates/male-inmates/mikey-aleman.html Hello there, beautiful angel. My name is Mikey. I am 33 yrs old, golden brown and Mexican-American, built strong from Southern California. I am looking for a strong and beautiful woman with a good heart. I want you badly if you are loving, loyal, faithful, honest, funny, sexy, kind, thoughtful, compassionate, flirty, smart, God-fearing, drama-free, and definitely single. At this time in my life, I need a good woman who’s looking for the same: love, friendship, happiness, good times, and support. I’ve never been married, so I am looking for my soulmate. If you’re looking for your soulmate, too, or maybe something serious, then here I am. Everyone needs love. I have a nice body, a good heart. No matter what, I stay positive and strong. Until next time, may God bless you and the angels protect you. Yours truly, Mikey Aleman P.S. Hopefully, you’re my girl. Religion: Christian/Protestant Arrest date: 12/13/13 Favorite book: The Game of Thrones, horror stories, Stephen King, superhero novels Favorite movie: Friday 1, 2, 3; Pineapple Express; all stoner comedies, all comedies, mafia movies, action flicks, Star Wars and all Marvel superhero movies, horror movies, Freddie Kruger, Resident Evil, and alien movies, etc. Favorite song: 80s and 90s rock and rap, oldies, RnB love jams, gangsta rap Interests: Working out, playing sports, furthering my college education, going to church, listening to music, looking for love and trying to find my soulmate for life, and to share my heart with. I love fast cars, too. Will write: Women only! Wed, 26 Apr 2017 01:35:20 -0700 Jose Torres http://write-an-inmate.com/free-prisoner-penpal-listings/california-inmates/male-inmates/jose-torres.html The reason I decided to go the pen-pal route is because I truly enjoy all walks of life. I’m looking for someone to make a positive impact on me, as I hope I am able to do the same for you. I would love to connect and share life’s wonders I have yet to experience. I’m a very open-minded deep thinker who enjoys listening to whatever the topic consists of. Regardless of my circumstances, I try to keep things optimistic and productive. I like to stay in shape, so I work out daily. I’m currently taking college courses to stay busy and obtain a degree. I look forward to getting to know you, and hopefully build a strong friendship. One that I feel can only grow with the foundation built from honesty, trust, respect, and the opportunity to grow. Birthday: April 24 Age: 33 Race: Mexican and Puerto Rican Conviction: 4 counts of robbery Hometown: Modesto, CA Arrest date: May 2005 Favorite quote: Anything is possible, but nothing is for sure. Favorite book: Game of Thrones series Favorite movie: Braveheart Favorite song: Starboy, by The Weeknd Will write: Anyone #1 goal in life: Make it home with my college degree, and enjoy my freedom. Dated outside my race: Yes Wed, 26 Apr 2017 01:31:14 -0700 Ron Rutledge, Jr. http://write-an-inmate.com/free-prisoner-penpal-listings/california-inmates/male-inmates/ron-rutledge-jr.html Birthday: 12/4/72 Age: 44 Race: Native American/White Release date: 2023 Arrest date: 1/25/13 Conviction: Domestic violence Favorite book: Count of Monte Cristo Favorite movie: Young Guns Favorite song: Turn The Page, Bob Seger Originally from: Bakersfield Status: Single Will write: Women, 30-50 years old I was born on Bakersfield and lived in Tehachapi until I was 8 years old. After that, I moved to the foothills of Fresno County, to Tollhouse. I’m a country boy rocker who plays a little guitar and I’ve also written a few songs. I’m no Romeo, sorry. :) I am, however, looking for a pen-pal to discuss ideas, life, etc., and possibly just bring some color to my life. Been on payroll since age 16 doing concrete work. I work for a living, drink a little, but still have a strong belief in God. Not with a lot of the B.S. I am not very trendy but I do enjoy life, culture. I prefer rural settings rather than urban, and spend most of my free time in the outdoors. Write me to learn more. Wed, 26 Apr 2017 01:21:29 -0700 Donald C. Johnson http://write-an-inmate.com/free-prisoner-penpal-listings/california-inmates/male-inmates/donald-c.-johnson.html There’s someone out there who is ready to start all over again. I’m a diamond in the rough looking for my setting. It’s all a journey for two. Life is more interesting when you are experiencing it with a friend. My name is Don and I’m creative and compassionate. I believe in God and I enjoy meeting new people and learning new things. I’m an abstract artist. You can see my work at donnyjohnson.net. I’m honest and independent and I value relationships and friends. I want to get to know you. I’ll tell you anything that you want to know about me. I love all people and I welcome anyone who accepts me on the same basis. I have a past that I’ve overcome over the last couple of decades. I’m in prison for second-degree murder, which is from 1980. I’ve repented of that criminal lifestyle. I now live to serve others and to give back. I believe in paying it forward. I love my family, and my nephew and niece are my inspiration. Take a chance and drop me a line. I’m waiting for your letter. Thank you for your time. Yours? Sincerely, Don Johnson Mon, 24 Apr 2017 13:15:45 -0700 Belizean, Turkish, and Salvadoran man looking for good conversation http://write-an-inmate.com/free-prisoner-penpal-listings/california-inmates/male-inmates/belizean-turkish-and-salvadoran-man-looking-for-good-conversation.html I am 28 years old from Culver City, CA. Doing 4 1/2 years upstate. I'm looking for someone honest and true. Someone I can rely on to reply. That isn't with the game. Good conversation with someone who is not afraid to share their feelings. Feel free to send a picture with your letter. Age is not an issue Sun, 02 Apr 2017 15:19:40 -0700 No Lies or Games! Mature and serious women only please!!! http://write-an-inmate.com/free-prisoner-penpal-listings/california-inmates/male-inmates/no-lies-or-games-mature-and-serious-women-only-please.html Looking for correspondence with someone loyal, truthful, good sense of humor and on the "Thick side" for friendship and maybe more. Someone who is willing to be there for the long run because I'm expecting to do some time. I'm a good hearted Mother!!!!!! Just caught up in a bad situation. "Feel me?" If you're tired of fu!!!!! With dudes who are always faking the funk like a punk in the trunk....get at me and we'll go from there. Sun, 02 Apr 2017 04:17:27 -0700 sam elliot look alike / musican/ artist http://write-an-inmate.com/free-prisoner-penpal-listings/california-inmates/male-inmates/sam-elliot-look-alike-%10-musican%10-artist.html nice looking talented looking for companionship Sat, 01 Apr 2017 23:31:45 -0700 Jose Ochoa http://write-an-inmate.com/free-prisoner-penpal-listings/california-inmates/male-inmates/jose-ochoa.html My name is Jose Ochoa. I was born in Mexico, but raised in Oxnard, California, since I was 5 years old. I am 33 years young. My birth date is 9-5-83, Virgo. I apologize for not having a better photo of myself at this time, but I could not pass up this opportunity to get on a site to meet friendly people, with cool conversation, and not afraid to share it with someone who is incarcerated. I enjoy and love music. But I do not have a specific type of music that I target as my favorite. I listen to classic rock, rap, and Spanish, to name a few. I enjoy reading nonfiction novels and fantasy books. One of my favorite reads is the “Games of Thrones” series. One of my major hobbies is drawing. I enjoy playing sports like football, basketball, and soccer. I am open to writing anyone who is open-minded about writing someone who is down, but not out. But I am looking for a female friend to enjoy bomb ass conversation with. The things I look for in a woman companion is someone who’s not judgmental, but is caring, understanding, and open to different beliefs. One who has a good sense of humor. The things I am trying to achieve in life are travel and family bonding, as well as staying positive. I would like to be able to travel and see different places I dreamed about as a kid. Going to certain countries because I love nature. One of my biggest goals is to build a better relationship with my family. I also want to be a productive citizen in the community. The main reason for wanting a pen-pal is because I enjoy building new friendships. I feel like it’s time for me to build a special relationship with a woman who can help me grow and become a better man. I do feel we both can help each other achieve our goals in life. I see myself as a good person who made mistakes in the past. I also see myself as a new person who is able to learn from his mistakes. I am not judgmental. I don’t have a bad temper, and I consider myself a funny person. I am a very creative, caring, and social person. Thank you for your time. I look forward to being able to correspond with a pen-pal who has interests similar to myself. Height: 5’6” Weight: 190 Date of arrest: 2/19/2010 Offense: Robbery Parole date: 2030 Status: Single Mon, 27 Mar 2017 02:19:16 -0700